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Salmonella Piglet Vaccine Gains New Label Approval

A new label approval for an oral or intranasal vaccine, Salmo Shield Live, has cut the time that pork producers can immunize pigs for salmonella from 3 weeks of age

A new label approval for an oral or intranasal vaccine, Salmo Shield Live, has cut the time that pork producers can immunize pigs for salmonella from 3 weeks of age or older to 1 day of age and older. “Swine salmonellosis is a difficult disease to control, and early vaccination is often overlooked as symptoms are not immediately visible,” says Mark Hammer, Novartis Animal Health professional services veterinarian. Salmo Shield Live was developed to provide enhanced control as early as possible, a key to herd protection against salmonellosis. “Signs of an outbreak arenot visible until it is too late; preventing the disease before onset is vital. With the new Salmo Shield Live label, producers can vaccinate before pigs enter the nursery, leading to a lower infection rate,” Hammer states. A single, 1-ml dose can be administered in healthy pigs as early as one day after birth. The product should be administered in herds where salmonella has been a chronic problem or where salmonella carrier animals are common. For more information, contact Novartis at (800) 843-3386 or visit

Pressure Washer

Hotsy has completely redesigned the 5700 series hot water pressure washer, which has long been the flagship in the company's pressure washer product line. The 5700 series is a stationary hot water pressure washer suitable for wash bay installation to clean vehicles, heavy equipment or machinery. It comes with a 20-hp electric motor and is available in 208, 230, 460 or 575 volts and features thermal overload protection. Hotsy's upright coil delivers high efficiency and maintains constant temperature using oil, natural gas or liquid propane. The new 5700 series design features removable side panels for easy maintenance and service. Its more compact size delivers 7.8 gpm at 3,000 psi — powerful cleaning action using dual-gun operation. The Smart Relay System gives the user complete control over run time, auto start/stop and time delay shutdown. The belt-driven pump provides three times longer pump life. For more information on this product, go to

Reproductive Disease Control

Supplies of MaGESTic 7 are again available in 50-dose and 125-dose bottles to supply producers with a product that is safe and effective for the control of porcine parvovirus, leptospirosis and erysipelas (PLE). The PLE disease complex can lead to reproductive failure including stillbirths, abortions, mummified fetuses, infertility and/or weak-born pigs. The best approach is to treat the entire PLE complex by vaccinating sows and gilts prior to infection to keep litters healthy, according to the manufacturer. MaGESTic 7's 2-ml dose and Spur adjuvant reduce systemic reactions and animals off feed due to temperature spikes. Administer one dose to gilts six weeks prior to breeding and a second dose 14 to 28 days later. Revaccinate sows with one dose prior to breeding and vaccinate boars semi-annually. Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health (ISPAH) is supporting the value and safety of the product by offering producers the chance to “Prove it to Yourself” with 250 free doses to the first 100 respondents. Veterinarians and producers can receive the product at no charge, provided they complete an evaluation summary per program guidelines. To participate, contact your ISPAH sales representative, your technical service veterinarian or Tracy Tinberg at

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