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Genesus Genetics Announces its First Genetics Mulitpiler in Mexico

Genesus Genetics is pleased to announce its first genetic multiplier in Mexico. DP Farm is a new 2400 sow facility on an isolated plateau in central Mexico.

This state of the art biosecure operation will produce Genesus gilts for existing and new customers in Mexico. Jim Long, President – CEO Genesus Inc “We have been sending breeding stock to Mexico for 15 years. Current transportation costs and logistic issues made it necessary for us to find a Mexican location and facility that would meet Genesus’ commitment of delivering top quality, healthy swine genetics to our customers. Mexican swine producers have been financially pressured, like many in other countries by H1N1, high feed prices, and financial losses.

Genesus believes that the future success in swine production is the adaption of technology that maximizes productivity and producer returns. Genesus’ Mexican genetic production is our commitment and belief in the future of Mexico’s swine industry.”

For further information:

Jim Long

President, Genesus Genetics

E-mail:[email protected]