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FarmTeam works with farmers to identify their needs, and then begins process of selecting, developing and backfilling the right team member for the operation.

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August 2, 2023

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Inviting an individual from another country and culture to live and work in your operation presents challenges. This is why FarmTeam doesn’t just deliver a team member to a farm, but rather, walks alongside family farmers to solve their labor shortage challenge.

In this episode of SwineTime, host Spencer Wayne, sits down with Dan Hanson and Giovanna Penuelas to discuss FarmTeam, a service offering of Pipestone Business. Hanson and Penuelas work with farmers to identify their needs, and then, they begin the process of selecting, developing and backfilling the right team member for the operation.

From a producer’s perspective, Hanson, the director of FarmTeam, highlights the benefits for producers and the steps taken by FarmTeam to ensure a successful experience for both parties. Penuelas, FarmTeam coordinator, speaks to common challenges team members face when moving to the United States and beginning work on a farm. Spoiler alert, they may not be what you expect!   

If your farm is experiencing labor shortage challenges, or if you are looking at growing your operation, FarmTeam may be the right fit for you. All new FarmTeam employees start in a team-based environment where Pipestone staff provide grow/finish pig care training based on current swine-industry standards.

SwineTime Podcast Episode 46- Support & Solutions with FarmTeam

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