Farm Progress America, June 13, 2024

Mike Pearson talks about the Parliamentary elections held in the European Union last weekend and how farmers and rural issues drove the election in the 27 member countries.

June 13, 2024

Mike Pearson talks about the parliamentary election held in the European Union last weekend.

Tens of millions of people cast ballots and angry farmers drove the turnout at polling places making the shift in politics.

Early results show Main Street political parties are expected to maintain the majority in the parliament.

However, a large number of smaller political parties added seats.

This will complicate the legislative process.

Part of the drive between the smaller parties was driven by the unrest of farmers.

So farm, 4,000 protesters by farmers have been held over new environmental regulations, subsidy cuts and an influx of cheap ag imports.

They took those frustrations into the polling place.

Farm Associations say the biggest issue is the environmental issues -- mainly the European use land rules.

The last parliamentary election was held in 2019-- that was before COVID, inflation and the war in Ukraine.

So there is no surprise that changes are coming to the parliament and it's clear that farmers voices will continue to echo.

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