Christensen Farms releases inaugural Sustainability Report

CF established a Sustainability Group in 2018, comprised of people who represent various facets of CF's business.

March 2, 2022

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Christensen Farms

Christensen Farms recently released its inaugural Sustainability Report to its employees, contract farmers partners and is now available publicly through the company website.  

"We continue to live in a world where there is not only a strong desire, but an expectation that has never been greater for transparency as to where our food comes from, for our animals, how the animals are being raised and animal agricultures impact on the environment," says Glenn Stolt, CF's president and CEO. "With this dynamic and limitless opportunity, our team at Christensen Farms recognizes our responsibility to be an active participant in proactively telling our story, from farm to fork, ultimately ensuring our customers know, trust and can be confident in the pork they consume that was sustainably, nobly and proudly raised by members of the CF team."

To support its goal, CF established a Sustainability Group in 2018, comprised of people who represent various facets of CF's business. The purpose of this group is to infuse must have principles and continuous improvement across the entire organization. This group has and continues to be tasked with ensuring the overarching priorities of the company are embraced in all aspects of the organization.

"We relentlessly seek a better way to produce wholesome pork by intentionally connecting every step between our farms and family tables around the world," Stolt says. "This is how we ensure the well-being of our employees, our animals, the environment and the communities we call home. Specifically, from an internal perspective, this is a resource we intend to leverage to support continued development of our sustainability culture, recognize our team for their direct and indirect contributions to being sustainable and encourage innovation in areas of opportunity."

While the company has proven its commitment to sustainability in nearly 50 years of being in business, the firm continues to recognize there is no end to this journey and look to the future to build an even stronger sustainability culture across its organization. 

"We embrace our responsibility and the opportunity to challenge ourselves to explore, innovate and implement solutions that protect, support and nurture our people, our pigs, our planet and the communities we live, work, learn and play in," says Stolt.

For detailed information on the company's current efforts, click here.

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