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This Week in Agribusiness, October 14, 2017

Max Armstrong wonders if there will be a window of opportunity for growers to work this week with Greg Soulje who also looks at the winter forecast. Max also looks at food waste as a workforce problem. Orion Samuelson is in the field this week.

Part 1

Note: The video automatically plays through all show parts once you start.

Max Armstrong looks at food waste problem as fields lay untouched because there aren’t enough workers to harvest product. Bryce Knorr talks storage strategy. Max talks to Sabrina Hill at AgNet West in Clovis, Calif. about the spate of wildfires they are facing.

Part 2

Max Armstrong talks markets with Brian Splitt, Allendale, Inc., taking a hard look at the October crop report from the USDA and its effects over the coming weeks. In Samuelson Sez, Orion Samuelson tackles the guest worker visa program and touts a new path forward. Greg Soulje gives his forecast for the Western United States.

Part 3

Orion Samuelson reports from the World Dairy Expo, talking with Dairy Farmer of the Year award winner Charles Ahlem of Turlock, Calif. Max Armstrong shares his Tweets of the Week.

Part 4

Orion Samuelson talks to Craig Uden, President, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association about the impact of the newly-opened Chinese market for American beef. Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Eastern United States. In Max’s Tractor Shed Max introduces Andy Pasztor’s 1967 Farmall 656 Diesel from Tisonburg, Ontario Canada.

Part 5

Max Armstrong continues the marketing conversation with Brian Splitt, Allendale, Inc.

Part 6

Max Armstrong profiles Mark Twain FFA, Jamestown, Tenn., where they have 40 head of Angus cattle on an 80 acre farm. Member Ethan Tompkins talks about the pride his group takes in their school. Greg Soulje offers his look at the weather for the week ahead and how winter is shaping up.

Part 7

Reporter Russell Nemetz tells the story of the Smith family from Nemaha, Iowa, stewardship award nominees.  

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