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This Week in Agribusiness, June 24, 2017

Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge explore trade deals, tractors and farm shows.

Part 1

Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge open this week's show with a look at trade with Cuba. David Salmonsen, American Farm Bureau Federation, talks about President Trump’s relationship with trade. Ed Usset, University of Minnesota, tackles the Farm Challenge of the Week. And Farm Broadcaster Lynn Ketelsen, Linder Farm Network, Owatonna, MN, offers insight into key issues farmers in that part of the country are watching.

Part 2

Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge talk markets with Paul Georgy, Allendale Inc. In Samuelson Sez, Orion asks viewers some questions for which he's seeking answers. And Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Western United States.

Part 3

Patrick Haggerty and Matt McKnight, CEO, U.S. Dairy Export Council, discuss dairy being exported to China. Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge take a look at a few trade shows. And from the most recent Half Century of Progress, Max Armstrong talks with Mark Berkel, Alton, Illinois, whose tractor has a distinct sound.

Part 4

Steve Bridge talks with Jeremy Schultz, Consolidated Grain, and Ty Unangst, Rochelle, Illinois, and Doug Schroder, Mahomet, Illinois, about the future of the Illinois container industry. Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Eastern United States. And in Max Armstrong tells the story of 1955 Minneapolis-Moine UB Special, owned by Richard Von Qualen, Kepmton, Illinois.

Part 5

Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge continue their market conversation with Paul Georgy, Allendale, Inc.

Part 6                           

Orion Samuelson profiles Florence FFA in Florence, South Dakota, which was chartered in 1990; member Callie Mueller shares some work she does as part of the group. And Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at the weather for the week ahead, including his four week forcast.

Part 7

Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge wrap up this week’s show with another installment of Freeways to Farms with Max Armstrong. Max talks with Dennis Wentworth, Downs, Illinois, about his father’s old tractor. Dennis also talks about how he uses technology in sync with his vehicles.  

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