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This Week in Agribusiness, December 31, 2016

Max Armstrong looks back on this year's top agricultural stories. Orion Samuelson has a historic eighth interview with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

Part 1

Max Armstrong opens this week’s special episode with a review of what is to come, a look back at important events from this year, and Orion Samuelson’s interview with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack one last time. Max Armstrong talks to Mike Pearson, host, Market to Market, about the big stories of 2016. Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Network, comments on issues his part of the country faced this year.

Part 2

Max Armstrong talks to Duane Murley, KWMT – Fort Dodge, Iowa, about the crops produced in the state this year. The top three FFA Chapters of the year are awarded this week, third is Bronaugh FFA, Bronaugh Mo.; in second, the Paoli FFA, Paoli Ind., and in first place is Holden FFA, Holden, Mo. And Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje gives an overview of what to expect from winter in 2017.

Part 3

Max Armstrong talks to farm broadcaster Steve Bridge, WFMB – Springfield, Illinois, about the year farmer’s had in his area of the country.

Part 4

Orion Samuelson begins his interview with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for a historic eighth time.

Part 5

Orion Samuelson continues his interview with Tom Vilsack.

Part 6 

Orion Samuelson continues his last conversation with Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, who talks about his humble beginnings and his time in office.

Part 7

Once again, Orion changes Sameulson Sez to Secretary Sez, so Tom Vilsack can give one last insight as Secretary of Agriculture.

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