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This Week in Agribusiness, August 12, 2017

Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong offer an in-depth look at the big USDA crop report, share some tire tech, look at how new technology helps during bad times in the crop year and preview the 2017 Farm Progress Show.

Part 1

Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong take an in-depth look at this week's USDA crop report with Paul Georgy, Allendale, Inc., who notes the report was filled with surprises. And Farm Broadcaster Bob Nuelle, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, Des Moines, Iowa, talks about key issues impacting farmers in Iowa - and of course a look at the Iowa State Fair.

Part 2

Max Armstrong talks to Bradley Harris, ag engineer, Firestone, about what the company will have on hand during the 2017 Farm Progress Show, including new IF and VF tire tech. In Samuelson Sez, Orion Samuelson shares a memory of the Rhinstone Cowboy, Glen Campbell, who passed away this week at 81. And Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Western United States.

Part 3

Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong open this segment with a look at the changing demand for soybeans, including rising interest in biodiesel. And Max Armstrong looks ahead at the Half Century of Progress with information from Russell Buhr about the event and what's coming to this year's event.

Part 4

Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong open this segment with a deeper look at the markets with Paul Georgy, Allendale, Inc., including USDA's stocks numbers. Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Eastern United States. And in Max's Tractor Shed, Max shares the story of a 1970 International 544 owned by Bryan May, Rose Creek, Minn., that's still at work for the family.

Part 5

Max Armstrong continues his look at Freeways to Farms checking in with Steve Ruh, Big Rock, Ill., who was featured earlier this year. Ruh talks about the growing season, which was wet and cold, but is turning out better. He shares how the tech of Climate Field View helped out.

Part 6

Orion Samuelson offers the FFA Chapter Tribute with a look at Westlake FFA in Saratoga Springs, Utah, which is the largest state chapter but chartered in 2009. Member Hagen Leavitt shares a look at FFA projects raised on the group's 20 acre school farm, and he shares his favorite community project. And Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the week ahead.

Part 7

Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong wrap up this week's show with a look at the 2017 Farm Progress Show with Don Tourte, Farm Progress. He shares information about the upcoming show, and also about the investment exhibitors are making for the show, including the increase in the use of air conditioning at the show. The event is Aug. 29-31 in Decatur, Ill., you can learn more at

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