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Max Armstrong says Republican senators say it's time to put health care behind them for now. (audio)

A number of Republican senators are saying its time to put behind them trying to make changes to the health care system. Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt said it's time to move on to something else. Sen. John Thune says it's time to move on.

This typically is time when senators leave because it's so blasted hot in Washington, D.C. Some return home and others take trips outside the nation. Wonder how many will opt for traveling outside nation this year because it's too hot at home?

The corn crop condition rating usually declines in July and Crop Progress report showed that yesterday. Corn dropped 1 point, which was expected. Some in trade were surprised by increase in soybeans by 2 points. The state we'll be in tomorrow - Minnesota -  is leading those numbers with 73% of soybeans rated good/excellent and 81% corn rated good/excellent. We'll take look at FarmFest.


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