Max Armstrong talks about marching scientists, actress Erin Moran's not-so-happy life and death of 19-year-old college student. (audio)

Actress Erin Moran of Happy Days fame had led a not so happy life in her post Happy Days life. She had been in Indiana for at least six years, coming there to care for her husband's ailing mother. They were homeless for a time after getting kicked out of trailer park for excessive partying.

Planting progress reports will get attention of traders this afternoon. In northern Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska, soil temps still in 40s.

19-year-old college student in Wheaton, Ill., hit by hammer during hammer throw event at track and field competition. Ethan Roser, youngest of four children, had wisdom beyond his years, his father said.

Marching scientists got our attention over the weekend. Peaceful, non-violent protests. No looting or cars burned. No arrests made. Hats looked like exposed brains. 

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