Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong and talks about vandalism at Field of Dreams site in Iowa. (audio)

Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong.


In Illinois, it’s primary election day. Other Midwest state primaries scattered throughout spring and summer.

Six vessels are scheduled to kick off spring shipping season on Great Lakes this weekend.

Candy from St. Patrick’s Day parade in New London, Wis., may have been tainted. Parade-goers are being asked not to eat the candy.

Indiana’s governor will be calling state lawmakers back in May. Tax issues, school safety, driverless cars were not addressed.

In Iowa, Field of Dreams movie site was vandalized by 20-year-old man. He did $5,000 in damage.

An inmate in Chicago complained there weren’t grab bars over toilet. Federal judge ruled in his favor.

St. Paul, Minn., man had weird dream he won money. He went and got lottery ticket and he won money.

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