Max Armstrong talks about video of boy from Tennessee who's been bullied at school. (audio)

That boy from Tennessee who says he was bullied at school has become a social media star. The video of her son being bullied in middle school has prompted a wave of support. Other students call him ugly, make fun of his nose and say he has no friends. The number of views of that video has approached 20 million.

A website is out with top towns for Christmas: No. 10 is Red Wing, Minn., No. 2 is Santa Claus, Indiana, has one of best light displays for country. Frankenmuth is put at No. 1. We’ll be there for This Week in Agribusiness.

From church signs: Wildwood Baptist – New Sign. Old Message: Jesus Saves. Another: “Now open between Easter and Christmas.”

At another business: One sign recently said – Eat Cake, it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere. Also: Joseph and Mary had a stable relationship.

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