Max Armstrong talks about Missouri girl who mistakenly shot an elk. (audio)

Not all commodity prices are down today. Prices of oil are at multi-year highs. Declines now are natural afte such a strong rally an din peak of earnigns season.

How much corn is still standing? Minnesota and South Dakota still have 20% of corn still out there. Worst case as far as progress is in Wisconsin. Still 40% yet untouched as of last weekend.

In Missouri, father of 14-year-old girl, who shot an elk in Boone County, Mo., said if fined, he will pay it and move on. It was an accident, he said. She thought it was a deer.

In Nashville, Tenn., it’s routine to see a star. On Tuesday night, fans at Target ran in Taylor Swift. Told her Instagram followers before heading to Target. She’s always very gracious with her fans.

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