Larry Jacobson spent his career with the University of Minnesota’s ag engineering department working to improve the Minnesota and U.S. livestock industries by implementing new building designs to create a better environment both inside and outside of the barns.
Earl Dotson
Tom Gillespie, DVM, Master of the Pork Industry, works with swine producers around the globe. He inspires swine veterinarians worldwide to jump in and go boldly to assist hog farmers with pig farming challenges.
Phil, Duane and Pat Hord represent three of the five Hord generations that have farmed in north-central Ohio.
2018 Masters of the Pork Industry logo
Bob Morrison
Kent Schwartz has been at the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory since 1987, and he still gives personal attention to each of the 1,500 to 3,000 cases that cross his desk each year.
Selling chilled product in Japan changed the way the U.S. markets pork, according to Philip Seng (right).
People are the driving force for Max Rodibaugh (left).
Jack and Jan Archer