Pork Checkoff Presents Sow Housing Webinars

Pork Checkoff Presents Sow Housing Webinars

Eight webinars delving into group sow housing options are being presented by Pork Checkoff this spring.

The free, 45-minute webinars begin at 1 p.m. central standard time and provide an opportunity to ask questions following the presentations.

The webinars consist of:

  • March 26: Group Housing Systems: Choices and Designs – Don Levis,  Levis Worldwide Swine Consultancy;
  • March 28: Forming Sow Groups – Rob Knox, University of Illinois;
  • April 2: Floor-Space Allocation and Group Size – Harold Gonyou, Prairie Swine Centre (retired);
  • April 4: Genetic Considerations – Ken Stalder, Iowa State University;
  • April 9: Feeding Practices – Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University;
  • April 11: Production Flow and Management – Ron Bates, Michigan State University;
  • April 16: New and Conversion Construction – Jay Harmon, Iowa State University; and
  • April 18: Economics of Sow Housing Conversion – Steve McWilliams, McWilliams Agribusiness, Inc.

Archived sessions and related fact sheets will be posted on www.pork.org/sowhousing.

For more information on the webinars, contact Sherrie Niekamp at the National Pork Board at SNiekamp@pork.org, (515) 223-3533.

For more information on sow housing, visit www.pork.org/sowhousing.




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