Webinar Friday Reviews Pork Industry’s Carbon Footprint

Producer association efforts to address carbon footprints in the pork and poultry sectors will be the subject of a June 15 webinar set for 1:30 p.m. central standard time.

Since 2008, the National Pork Board has been working on a specific plan to assess and better understand the pork industry’s carbon footprint.

Allan Stokes, director of environmental programs for the National Pork Board, will highlight current results of this research, including descriptions of tools designed for producers to begin to assess greenhouse gas emissions and manage resource efficiency in sow and grow-finish production.

Also participating in the webinar will be Rich Ulrich of the University of Arkansas.

Moderator for the webinar coordinated by the Livestock and Poultry Environmental (LPE) Learning Center Educational Webcast Series will be Rick Stowell, associate professor in the Biological Systems Engineering and Animal Science Departments at the University of Nebraska.

To participate, on the day of the webcast, go to http://www.extension.org/58813 and follow the links on that page to download the speaker’s powerpoint presentations and connect to the virtual meeting room. First-time webcast viewers should follow the steps at: http://www.extension.org/8924.

For more National Pork Board information on environmental sustainability, visit http://www.pork.org/Resources/1219/EnvironmentalSustainability.aspx.







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