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Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
No. of sows130,000
IndustriesHog production, broiler production, beef production, sheep production, meat processor, retail stores
DetailMiratorg is the only Russian hog farm on the Global Mega Producer list with 135,000 sows in production today but has plans to double production in 2018. In Russia, a multi-species fully integrated company is not unique. Miratorg, however, has become one very quickly. In 2005 they were importing meat and processing only. They took over their first pig farm in 2006. The owners are relatively young and linked closely to the highest level of government in Russia. For a Russian company, they are very efficiently run, utilizing foreign expertise. The company is also involved in poultry production, raising 1.4 million chickens per week. Miratorg is also in the final planning to stock its beef farm with 250,000 Angus cows and plans are on the way for an indoor sheep farm with 500,000 ewes. The company owns chicken, beef and lamb slaughter plants, produces its own feed and owns a chain of grocery stores.