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Headquarters: Beijing, China
No. of sows200,000
Industries Hog production, grain & oilseed production, bioenergy
DetailOriginally founded as a state-owned grain and oil trader in 1949, COFCO transformed from a front-runner manufacturer of grain and oil products in China to a fully integrated system, covering all links of the farm-to-table chain. COFCO produced near 2 million hogs in 2016. Currently, the company presents itself in more than 140 countries and regions all over the world in terms of grain, oilseeds, crop technology and biofuel business with revenue over 400 billion Yuan. COFCO Meats Holding Ltd., subsidiary of COFCO Group, is listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market and is involved in the meat supply chain business covering livestock feed, meat production and processing as well as branded products marketing, with annual sales and revenue reached 6.6 billion Yuan in 2016.