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Headquarters:São, Paulo, Brazil
No. of sows380,000
IndustriesHog production, broiler production, turkey production, feed manufacturer, meat processor
DetailDespite the smaller production across the country, BRF is the largest Brazilian hog producer and ranks sixth on the Global Mega Producer list with 380,000 sows. It is also one of the biggest food companies in the world, created from the association between Sadia and Perdigao, two giants of the food market. As a global leader in exporting animal protein and on producing foods that reach more than 150 countries in five continents, BRF produces 146,000 mt of pork annually and 10.437 million metric tons of feed. In November 2015, the company acquired Eclipse Holding Cooperatief UA, the Dutch company controlling Campo Austral of Argentina with integrated operations in the pork market in Argentina. BRF, formerly Brasil Foods, is also one of the largest poultry producers in the world. BRF is one of the biggest compound feed manufacturers in the world, and the third largest company in the butchery of poultry in Latin America. In April 2015, BRF invested US$19 million to take a 49% stake in SATS BRF Food Pte. Ltd., with Singapore Food Industries as the majority partner in the joint venture. The formation of SATS BRF Food will create a food distribution and meat processing business that offers branded products initially for the Singapore market and later also for other parts of Southeast Asia.