Wendy's Requires Pork Suppliers to Fill Out Quarterly Progress Reports on Gestation Stall Phase-Out

To ensure their pork suppliers and producers are not using single- sow gestation stalls, Wendy's has recently announced that they will require suppliers to submit quarterly progress reports, which will reflect the percentage of gestation stall-free pork that is supplied to Wendy's.

Since 2007, Wendy's has expressed a prefernce for buying pork from producers and suppliers who adopt an ongoing plan to phase out the use of single-sow gestation stalls. Due to this action, an increasing amount of Wendy's pork supply has come from hogs not raised in gestation stalls.

Wendy's is currently working with its U.S. and Canadian pork suppliers to eliminate the use of sow gestation stalls over time. The fast food chain has expressed a belief that confining pigs in gestation stalls is not sustainable over the long-term, and moving away from that practice is the right thing to do.

In a statement on the company website, the company says Wendy's executives met on several occasions with pork industry representatives and leaders in 2013, as well as outside experts to continue working towards Wendy's stated goal "of sourcing only from gestation stall-free pork suppliers."

Due to the commitment the restaurant has made to the public, Wendy's now requires every raw material and finished product supplier to submit quarterly progress reports, which reflect the percentage of stall-free pork supplied to Wendy's. Additionally, as a result of a recent announcement by two suppliers who make up the majority of Wendy's pork business, the company has expressed confidence that they will be able to continue towards their goal of completely eliminating the use of sow gestation stalls in the supply chain by the end of 2022. All of this will be accomplished while maintaining their commitment of achieving gestation stall-free sourcing.

Learn more at the Wendy's website. 

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