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Webinar available to help hog producers manage Influenza A

National Pork Board Piglets
How well are you managing influenza A in the swine herd? Here is educational opportunity to learn about a new tool to overcome the challenges of the disease.

Influenza A virus in swine is everchanging and we know you have questions. Boehringer Ingelheim and National Hog Farmer team up to bring you a free exclusive webinar to help you mitigate the impact of the disease.

As one of the top three diseases affecting pigs in all phases of production and can affect more than 70% of growing pigs each year, influenza A can lead to major economic consequences.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, Jeremy Pittman, Smithfield veterinarian says, “influenza is significantly costly for hog producers. It is estimated from $3 to $10 a pig. Based on experience, I believe that is underestimating what the true cost of influenza within the production system, set of farms or flow because what you are not considering all the time and energy that goes into controlling the disease.”

For Pittman, influenza is more frustrating than porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. Due to its ability to mutate, IAV-S is ever-changing in the field, making it increasingly difficult to manage.

Examining your herd’s health, how well are you managing IAV-S? If you take an honest look at the impact of influenza on the health of the herd and financial bottom-line, are you do the best job in dealing with the disease?

What hog farmers will learn in this webinar
The webinar will take a closer look at the current practices used to manage IAV-S in growing pigs. Join us April 26 as Boehringer Ingelheim Technical Manager Christa Goodell, DVM, and Swine Vet Center’s Mike Eisenmenger, DVM, discuss a new tool used to overcome the challenges of IAV-S, focusing on piglet immunization to improve pig health and performance.

• The prevalence of IAV-S and its impact on the swine industry
• The challenges with current IAV-S management strategies, particularly when it comes to cross-protection and sustained protection throughout the life of a growing pig
• How early vaccination of piglets using a live attenuated vaccine can reduce transmission of IAV-S
• In-field efficacy measures you can use to gauge the effectiveness of your IAV-S control strategy — including use of an app that helps make it easy

So why not take advantage of this free exclusive webinar for hog farmers. The webinar is April 26 at 1 p.m. (cst.). Click here to register and get more details.

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