USTR Seeks to Eliminate India’s Restrictions on Ag Exports

USTR Seeks to Eliminate India’s Restrictions on Ag Exports


U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk announced that the United States has requested that the World Trade Organization (WTO) establish a dispute settlement panel to decide U.S. claims regarding India’s restrictions of various U.S. agricultural products, including poultry meat and chicken eggs. 

India says it is trying to prevent entry of avian influenza.  The USTR says India’s measures are inconsistent with the relevant science, international guidelines and the standards India has set for its domestic industry. 

Ambassador Kirk said, “It is essential that U.S. farmers obtain the reliable market access that India agreed to.  The United States holds its agriculture industry to the highest standards of safety and is confident the WTO will agree that there is no justification for India’s restrictions on U.S. exports.”  

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