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Tonisity Introduces Pink2Purple

TAGS: The Showring
First isotonic protein and electrolyte drink mix for show pigs

Source: Tonisity

Tonisity introduced Pink2Purple — the first isotonic protein and electrolyte solution designed specifically for show pigs at the World Pork Expo. With a taste that pigs crave, Pink2Purple is uniquely formulated to provide the right combination of isotonic protein, nutrients and amino acids for rapid absorption at the cellular level to help pigs thrive on the show circuit.

“Show-related stress, such as being transported and changing environments, can cause pigs to go off feed and water,” says Daniel Faidley, general manager of Tonisity, a cutting-edge company bringing industry-leading nutritional products to the swine market. “New Pink2Purple is much more than just an electrolyte. It helps keep show pigs eating, hydrated, fresh and happy — providing the best opportunity for pigs to have that extra eye appeal, bloom and presence in the ring.”

The “on-the-go” packaging makes it easy to use at home or on the road. The product is mixed using fresh water and can be poured over feed. It’s recommended the product be given prior to leaving for the show and used through the duration of the show.

“It’s never been easier to keep show pigs eating and drinking and moving freely in the show ring,” says Faidley. “This highly palatable, easy-to-use, isotonic protein mix gives pigs the extra fuel to overcome show-related stress.”

Pink2Purple is solely distributed by Weaver Leather Livestock LLC, Mount Hope, Ohio, with products for sale at livestock shows and at

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