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Employee training is a continual process National Hog Farmer/Kevin Schulz

As precision livestock systems develop, engaged workforce imperative

The HUMATEC system is measurable, providing benchmarks critical to driving livestock producers’ strategies.

One of the greatest challenges currently faced by the swine industry is not pigs, but humans, says Jonathon Hoek of Summit Precision Production, a division of Summit Livestock Facilities.

During the 50th annual meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Hoek shared his perspective, “HUMATEC: People – pigs – process – performance: creating the irresistible place to work,” introducing a new system that promises to create a significant paradigm shift in swine production.

“By establishing engaging lean processes and continuing improvement, SPP’s HUMATEC provides transformational step change in pig production,” Hoek says. “By factoring in the human element with the health, safety and well-being of the livestock, producers have the potential to provide an efficient, productive and ultimately more profitable delivery of protein.” 

The HUMATEC system is measurable, providing benchmarks critical to driving livestock producers’ strategies.

“The bottom line of the ledger speaks volumes. The cost of high turnover of employees alone has a dramatic effect. The cost on the health of the pigs is also measurable,” Hoek says. “Healthy pigs thrive better when cared for by satisfied and engaged humans working in their spaces.”

However people, pigs, process and performance are capable of being harmonized and optimized as a system, Hoek says.

“As we develop successful precision livestock ecosystems, an engaged and capable workforce is imperative to make disruptive change for the good of the animal and the people who care for them,” Hoek says. “The convergence of animal science, technology and human psychology will lead to protein production being an irresistible place to work.”

Summit Livestock Facilities is a pioneer in the development and construction of innovative protein-producing livestock facilities. The firm's facilities aim to do more than house animals, but also improve animal health and production, reduce operational inefficiencies, solve regulatory issues and alleviate social concerns. 

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