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Pork producers serve military families at Snowball Express

Pork producers serve military families at Snowball Express

Twenty-one pork producers from Illinois, Iowa, Texas and Georgia served hundreds of military families by distributing pork meals during the 2014 Snowball Express, a charity for the children of America’s fallen military heroes.

“We appreciate the sacrifice these parents and children have made,” said Glen Walters, a pork producer from Barnesville, Ga., and a member of the National Pork Board. “It was an honor to serve the family members of our fallen military servicemen and women at Snowball Express.”

More than 1,800 children and military family members from across the country traveled to Texas for Snowball Express, which was held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Snowball Express connects military families to one another, and creates opportunities for friendship and communal healing during the holidays.

Following a parade in downtown Fort Worth, the pork producers were on hand to greet and serve families and volunteers at a nearby ranch. In a little over an hour, producers served more than 1,000 hot dogs, 1,000 brat burgers and 750 boneless loin chops.

Pork producers also distributed Pork Checkoff stuffed toy pigs, coloring books and pig erasers to the children. The opportunity reflects the pork industry’s “We Care” initiative, which demonstrates pork producers’ commitment to established ethical principles that promote a better quality of life in local communities.

“As pork producers, we want to build stronger communities, and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of worthwhile events like this that are much bigger than the pork industry, says Walters, who is also an active member of the Georgia National Guard.

Johnsonville Foods donated the brat burgers that were served to the families. 

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