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Passion for pig farming shows in Porktober posts

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Happy Pork Month and thank you for all the hard work you do to feed families around the world.

We are only six days into Porktober and my social media feeds have been full of posts from pork producers, industry members and state and national associations showing their passion for pig farming and the world's most consumed protein. I am so thankful, as this month couldn't have come at a better time. 

I know October became known as Pork Month because it marked the time of year when hogs were traditionally marketed, but after seven months of a pandemic and now less than 30 days before a highly contentious election, the timing of this annual celebration couldn't be any better. It's been refreshing to open up my social media apps and see you — the great people I get to write about each day. And while I thoroughly enjoy writing about pork production and all of the people who make this industry so successful, a picture is often worth a thousand words.

Take a scroll down and see what I mean. Please note this is just a sampling of the Porktober posts we have seen or been tagged in. Unfortunately, if the post had an emoji, including the cute little pig one, it wouldn't upload on our site. In the meantime, Happy Pork Month and thank you for all the hard work you do to feed families around the world, and thank you for brightening up my month with your passionate posts.








'Bout to drop a few MYTHBUSTERs on you #porktober Let's think about ALL the crazy things we allow ourselves to believe when grocery shopping. Now I’m here to bust some of those favorite myths we hear surrounding pork production. MYTH: Nearly ALL pork farms in the United States are "factory farms." FACT: Nearly 98% of all farms and ranches are owned and operated by families (like ours!) - that means only 2% are owned and operated by non-family corporations. MYTH: Only pork labeled "anti-biotic free" is anti-biotic free. FACT: ALL pork on the grocery store shelves is antibiotic free! Pigs cannot go to market until any previously given antibiotics have cleared their system. There are labels such as "raised without antibiotics" or "no antibiotics added" which mean the animals were raised without the use of antibiotics ever. MYTH: The hormones added to pork are unhealthy to consumers. FACT: Hormones are NOT ALLOWED in raising hogs (and poultry). If a brand wanted to use the claim "no hormones added: they would also have to add the statement “Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones. MYTH: Livestock production is the largest contributor of global warming. FACT: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2007, the swine industry created only .35% of the total US Greenhouse Gas Emissions, with other livestock adding just 2.77%, which totals just over 3% emissions for the livestock industry as a whole. Look to debunk more food myths? Follow @brandibuzzard, @farmwifeguru, @thefarmbabe - some of my favorite grocery-story myth-busters to follow. Thank you to the National Hog Farmer and the National Pork Board for great myth busting facts!

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