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National Hog Farmer Introduces the 2012 Masters of the Pork Industry

National Hog Farmer Introduces the 2012 Masters of the Pork Industry

The Masters of the Pork Industry are a very special, handpicked group of pork industry leaders. National Hog Farmer brings you their stories.


National Hog Farmer's  Masters of the Pork Industry  are a very special, hand-picked group of leaders who share their personal stories and philosophies about the future of the pork industry. The Masters are professionals, entrepreneurs, and family-based men and women whose dedication and wisdom are sure to inspire young and old as they tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an ever-changing, global pork industry.  National Hog Farmer has devoted a portion of our May, “State of the Pork Industry” issue of the magazine to bringing these leaders' stories to our readers since 2006. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy these inspiring stories.

The 2012 Masters of the Pork Industry include:

Steve Pollman, from a modest FFA pig project to managing one of the nation's largest hog enterprises. 

James Lowe, DVM, who was driven to become a swine veterinarian by a desire to stay close to the farm.

Dianne Bettin, an unwavering advocate for the pork industry.

Michael Ellis, a coal miner's son who turned a passion for livestock into a swine research career.

Paul Yeske, DVM, a Minnesota veterinarian who is in his element when conducting research to help benefit the swine industry.

Craig Christensen, a pork producer, entrepreneur, and restaurateur.


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