Missouri Pork Expo Kicks off Feb. 13-14


The Missouri Pork Expo opens Feb. 13 with sessions on managing risk on the farm, a look at the owner’s manual that didn’t come with your hog barn and dealing with on-farm emergencies.

Other afternoon sessions look at agricultural estate and succession planning, swine manure systems and handling issues and early pig care.

Sessions on Feb. 14 cover feed cost/manure value optimizer, economic impact of finishing pigs in Missouri and timed artificial insemination.

Other presentations deal with weather outlook, farm bill update and market outlook.

To register, call the Missouri Pork Association (MPA) office at (573) 4454-8375 or visit the MPA Web site for a printable registration form at www.mopork.com/events_missouriporkexpo.asp.

The Missouri Pork Expo is being held at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia, MO.









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