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The Maschhoffs names Wesselmann 2020 Core Values Award recipient

The Maschhoffs nhf-themaschhoffs-wesselmann.jpg
Aside from Wesselman, the company had 67 finalists for 2020.

Each year, since 2011, The Maschhoffs has recognized an employee who has displayed the company core values through key business decisions and leadership actions. This year's winner is Laura Wesselmann, of Breese, Ill., associate director of Managerial Accounting, Planning and Analysis.

Wesselmann received her award on April 29 with a small group gathering. Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, a video montage was created to display the deserving qualities and presentation of the award.

In the nomination, Allyson Vandeloo (financial analyst 2) illustrates, "Laura is well known amongst the company as someone who goes above and beyond. She has a can-do attitude regardless of obstacles, an incredible work ethic and performs at a level well above others."

"Laura puts a large focus on people, supporting her customers as well as constantly trying to innovate the status quo. Laura is a great leader and a great example of how to live out our core values," says Drew Hesker (senior director of Finance and Procurement).

CFO, Jeff Diesen notes, "Laura sets the bar extremely high both through the high quality work she does, as well as the outstanding leader that she is. Laura is a truly remarkable person, and exemplifies The Maschhoffs' model of People.Pigs.Passion. to a T."

Aside from Wesselman, the company had 67 finalists for 2020.

  • Aaron Kobus
  • Adam Taake
  • Alicia Howard
  • Andrew Stack
  • April Viehmann
  • Arlyn Wasenius
  • Barb Schwarz
  • Becky Rakers
  • Brandon Kay
  • Chris Holle
  • Christopher Cox
  • Dale Hentges
  • Dan Roach
  • Dan Sprague
  • Daniel Miller
  • Darren Housberg
  • Darren Kraus
  • Dee Lewis
  • Denise Sellers
  • Don Sullivan
  • Emmalee Haege
  • Erika Niemann
  • Ian Brooke
  • Isaac Smith
  • James Buzzard
  • Jamie Kruse
  • John Csukker
  • John Kroeger
  • Jordan Stewart
  • Josh Flint
  • Josh Linde
  • Josh Maschhoff
  • Juan Juarez
  • Kendra Meyers
  • Kevin Vandyke
  • Kynna Brooks
  • Laura Renth
  • Laura Wesselmann
  • Lauren Meyer
  • Leopoldo Sanchez
  • Lori Hankins
  • Luis Alberto Hernandez
  • Maria Jones
  • Matt Edler
  • Michael Galster
  • Michelle Winkler
  • Mickey Montalvo
  • Mike Brimberry
  • Nancy Rhoads
  • Nickolas Gilomen
  • Paul Wettstein
  • Randy Bowman
  • Rebecca Shaw
  • Reda Salimi
  • Rob Reiling
  • Robert Wintjen
  • Sandy Bright
  • Sarah Stoutner
  • Shelby Rensing
  • Stacey Meyer
  • Steve Spicer
  • Steven Fritscher
  • Thomas Craig
  • Todd Peebles
  • Trinidad Rodriguez
  • Whitney Bollinger
  • William Moncada
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