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Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics appoints Silver as senior VP

PrimeStore MTM has been used to surveil, track and diagnose pathogens ranging from influenza and tuberculosis to African swine fever and avian influenza.

Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics LLC, a One Health company developing vaccines and diagnostic tools for global public health and zoonosis concerns, has announced that Zoe Silver has joined the company as senior vice president of genomics and diagnostics. Silver brings over 25 years of experience as a senior level executive in commercialization that spans the medical and consumer industries. He will lead the expansion of Longhorn's PrimeStore Molecular Transport Medium and other diagnostic tools into new applications in genetics, microbiome and new pathogen sample types.

"We have achieved immense success in the last few years in scaling our PrimeStore MTM business, from being called upon by the FDA to support Covid-19 testing to expanding our diagnostic capabilities in animal health and plant pathogens. Zoe will help our team expand our diagnostics side beyond PrimeStore MTM with a One Health approach," said Longhorn CEO Gerald W. Fischer, MD. "PrimeStore MTM has been used to surveil, track and diagnose pathogens ranging from influenza and tuberculosis to African swine fever and avian influenza, which demonstrates our ability to rapidly deploy critical tools to address to public health issues. Under Zoe's leadership we can continue to work with governments, reference and other laboratories, healthcare institutions and industry leaders to prevent the next outbreak."

In his role, Silver will develop and expand partnerships with leading high throughput laboratories that are in need of safe and effect tools to test for infectious pathogens. These tools include PrimeStore MTM which is the first molecular transport device that can safely deactivate pathogens and stabilize RNA and DNA, allowing enhanced point of care and ambient temperature transport for laboratory based molecular testing and characterization. Silver will also lead the launch of new products onto the genomics and diagnostic markets.

Silver has dedicated his career to improving patient outcomes through the introduction and sale of effective medical solutions to life sciences, clinical diagnostics and healthcare markets. He has a proven track record within molecular diagnostics, having commercialized market leading products while delivering customer-centric, market driven programs to the industry. He most recently served as Senior Vice President of Genomics and Diagnostics at SiO2 with similar roles in marketing at Tecan and BSN Medical, and in marketing leadership roles at White Hot Pizza and Ben & Jerrys.

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