Groups Support the Farm Bill Conservation Title


Over 640 national, state and local organizations have sent a letter to the House and Senate Agriculture Committees stating their strong support of the Conservation Title of the farm bill.  The letter stated that conservation programs “help to protect these resources in a uniquely successful way – by funding a variety of voluntary partnerships and cooperative conservation efforts between the U.S. Department of Agriculture and private landowners. 

These conservation programs are essential to the sustainability of U.S. agriculture and forestry and to meeting the growing demand for food and fiber at home and abroad.”  The groups reinforced their support for last year’s proposal that the House and Senate Agriculture Committee leaders had suggested in their farm bill proposal to the super committee as a part of the effort to reduce the budget. 

Those signing the letter include the American Farmland Trust, Ducks Unlimited, Environmental Defense Fund, League of Conservation Voters, Pheasants Forever, Pollinator Partnership, Sierra Club, Soil and Water Conservation Society and The Wildlife Society. 

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