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Gonzalez receives The Maschhoffs’ 2018 Core Values Award

In 2011, The Maschhoffs established the Core Values Award as a way to celebrate individuals in the business who provide tremendous leadership or keen business decisions that are rooted in the company’s core values. This year’s winner was Brenda Gonzalez of Hinton, Okla., team lead at Randolph Sow.

Gonzalez received her award on April 26 at the company’s leadership conference. According to nominators Sam DeHaas, general manager of the Great South Region, and Ian Brooke, director of Production, Gonzalez is a “successful force for both production performance and building effective teams wherever she goes.”

She moved to Randolph Sow three years ago, where there was low performance and low team morale. In a few months’ time, she bonded the team together and Randolph Sow is now one of the most successful farms in the company with largely the same team. She has also been willing to help other farms and regions by traveling to other states to help struggling teams learn more about caring for pigs and team leadership.

The Maschhoffs

Brenda Gonzalez receives The Maschhoffs Core Values Award from The Maschhoffs President Bradley Wolter (left) and Sam DeHaas, The Maschhoffs Great South Region general manager.

In the nomination, DeHaas notes, “Brenda is an outstanding leader. Her care for employees is second to none. Through the care of her team, she helps each of them become improved animal caregivers with a strong commitment to success. Brenda’s daily goal is to take care of animals through people and have a team that enjoys working together.

“Over her career, she has produced multiple new leaders. She teaches these leaders the art of planning, animal care and the value and power of human relationships. You will seldom find a team that is more willing to follow their leader. Her team trusts her tremendously.”

“I just come to work and do my job,” Gonzalez says. “I never expected this type of award and am so honored to have received it. I would not have received this without my team, and cannot wait to share this with them!”

Aside from Gonzalez, here are the 2018 finalists.

• Gina Bennett, Leave & Benefit coordinator
• Josh Linde, general manager — Heartland Region
• Laura Wesselmann, associate director of Financial Planning & Analysis
• Sarah Stoutner, associate director of Production — Central Prairie Region
• Stacey Meyer, associate director of Business Systems
• Tricia Jansen, manager of Financial Analysis
• Jeanne Jordan, Feed Order associate

To learn more about The Maschhoffs’ core values, visit

Source: The Maschhoffs

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