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DSM's new phytase solution now available to swine industry

National Pork Board Spray-dried porcine plasma is used globally in feed to enhance weaned pig performance and can be used to significantly reduce mortality and medical treatments of nursery and grow finish pigs.
In addition to efficiency, performance and environmental benefits, HiPhorius releases fully bioavailable phosphorus, supporting pig bone strength.

DSM Animal Nutrition and Health, a global science-based company focused on nutrition, health and sustainable living, has announced the availability of HiPhorius for use in swine. HiPhorius is a new, complete phytase solution designed to help swine producers achieve sustainable and profitable protein production. It enables access to a high potency phytase, giving swine producers more flexibility in diet optimization.

According to the announcement, HiPhorius raises the market standard for phytase technology, delivering consistent improvements in animal performance through efficient phosphorous utilization. HiPhorius is designed to help producers achieve sustainable and profitable animal protein production.

"We are excited about HiPhorius as it will bring significant benefits to our customers whether they are looking to optimize diets or get more efficiency from their current diets," said Peter Allen, DSM North American director of Performance Solutions + BIOMIN. "Depending on swine management, objectives and choice of enzymes, our customers can see a feed cost reduction of 2% – 4% in swine. That improvement contributes to producers' profitability and improves the sustainability of livestock production while demonstrating how we fulfill the DSM food system commitments’ aim of double-digit reduction of livestock emissions by 2030."

"In addition to the efficiency, performance and environmental benefits, HiPhorius releases fully bioavailable phosphorus, contributing to greater pig bone strength and helps ensure that the nutrient needs of pigs are fully realized," said Jon Bergstrom, DSM senior technical support manager for swine.

HiPhorius is now available throughout North America. For more information on HiPhorius, producers can visit the website or reach out to a DSM account manager to learn how to incorporate HiPhorius in their operation.

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