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Don’t be a gilt or maybe we should

Nedap USA Gilt in ESF training module
No matter your stage in life, your job title or the numerous accomplishments you earned, we all can learn something from the naïve gilt.

“Don’t be a gilt,” an eloquent statement from a fellow marketing professional, Tiffany Thomas. While her words were uttered in lighthearted discussion among media friends, there is some truth to those words.

How often do we move forward in life like the naïve gilt, wandering around with no direction? Although wandering aimlessly in today’s hectic world may actually sound appealing, moving forward without purpose can be exhausting in itself. Life is a journey, but the tone of your steps will actually shape the terrain of your path because always walking the same trail only leads to fatigue from familiar territory. We can camp out in our comfort zone and fail to see the value in continuously learning.

As the mere gilt, the inexperience is adorned for all to see. The approach to new experience is innocent and raw, desiring to try something new and thirst for knowledge. Guided by their personality, the naïve gilt will either approach a new situation with reckless spirit or hesitation built on fear.

While there is something refreshing about a fresh attitude, the errors on carelessness, ignorance and inexperience can be costly. Like a gilt needs a passionate caretaker to show her the way, we as individuals need to lean on seasoned professionals to serve as an effective mentor and share words of wisdom.

Each person has a different journey, and each has a great story to tell. One thing I have enjoyed about attending meetings and conferences is the one-on-one conversations. The network opportunities in the hallways, at the tradeshow booth or social event can actually be more powerful than an educational seminar.

Yet, as individuals to grow as professionals, we must be willing to listen, absorb and digest each experience along the way. Fear can stifle growth and rob you from reaching your actual potential as well. Failure is going to happen. Nevertheless, failure is a valuable lesson in itself and only proves you were brave enough to try.

No matter your stage in life, your job title or the numerous accomplishments you earned, we all can learn something from the naïve gilt. If we stop learning, if we stop listening to others or if we stop trying new things we only deprive ourselves of possibly the best mile markers of our lives.

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