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Danish firm unveils new pig weighing camera

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The iDOL 65 camera uses 3D technology to measure the weight of pigs.

Danish firm, dol-sensors, has developed a camera for measuring pig weight with the use of 3D technology. Proven to help raising pork producer's profit, the iDOL 65 camera generates accurate daily updates on the average weight in the pen and the weight gain. 

In pig production, feed is by far the largest cost, which makes it vital to optimize feed consumption and feeding strategy. An example of the use of the iDOL 65 camera is the ProGrow system provided by SKOV A/S, where daily updates on pen weight is combined with feed consumption, climate data and data on water consumption can raise the pig producers' profit. 

"dol-sensors have made an accurate and robust product with the iDOL 65 camera. When we wanted to use the camera for our ProGrow system, we had a close collaboration with the team at dol-sensors who adapted the camera to fit our demands," says Niels Henrik Lundgaard, product manager at SKOV A/S.

In a weaner production system in Denmark, that has a production of 500 sows and 18,000 piglets a year, the ProGrow system was used to evaluate different feeding strategies over several batches. Weight data from iDOL 65 combined with climate and feed data from ProGrow made it possible to optimize the feeding strategy and feed shifts.
After a year, calculations showed a saving of 40 tons of feed in the barn. In a production system like this, that corresponds to 2.2 kg of feed saved per weaner. 

The iDOL 65 is a robust camera solution designed for harsh environments in pig farms. As other dol-sensors products, the camera is suited for most farm management systems in the market and is designed in a way, that it can easily be adjusted to fit separate demands.

"Our team have developed the camera to fit many different farm layouts, and with the processing power of the iDOL 65 camera it is possible to improve and add even more features to the camera. Thanks to the agility of our R&D department we are well suited to adjust the camera to future customer demands." says Bo Fredborg, product manager at dol-sensors a/s.

dol-sensors is a global company represented in more than 80 countries through a local dealer network. All products are designed, produced and tested in the same facility in Denmark making the time from idea to implemented product very short. 

Source: dol-sensors

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