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AP introduces enhancements to Electronic Sow Feeding System

Automated Production Systems Compident 8 ESF system

AP (Automated Production Systems) has introduced the next evolution of its electronic sow feeders. The AP Compident 8 ESF system offers new management options that provide improved durability, ease of use, animal monitoring and cost efficiency.

AP electronic sow feeders support individualized nutrition compared to group feeding. Sows are identified by an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag. When an animal enters the computerized feeding station, the system recognizes her RFID tag and automatically dispenses the feed ration specific to her nutritional needs.


New features of the Compident 8 include:             

  • Additional stainless steel structural components for longer life, including the lower frame, entrance and exit doors, and feed bowl cradle.
  • Standard coil springs that replace gas springs for lower cost of maintenance.
  • Pluggable valves and switches for ease of service.
  • Enhanced monitoring, including an audible signal on tag recognition, alerts for animal activity and monitoring of the current draw on the feed dispenser.
  • Use of a Smart Control App to operate individual feeder functions.            

“These and other new features of the Compident 8 electronic sow feeders can help producers better manage individualized animal feeding and welfare, supporting their goal of having healthier, more productive animals,” said Jeff Schoening, AP technical sales manager.

In addition to nutrition, AP’s electronic sow feeders support other management functions, including heat detection, animal movement and marking and sorting of animals.

For more information, producers can contact their AP dealer or visit

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