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Anatomy of a Pork Burger Record Breaker

<p>Local media loved the giant pork burger, and got their pictures as the lid opened on the big grill.</p>

The World Pork Expo, that bit of heaven for bacon and pork lovers - and producers - from around the world was home again this year to the World's Largest Pork Burger. The big burger, which weighed in at 308 pounds (precooked weight) was a mix of 293 pounds of lean ground pork and 15 pounds of secret BBQ seasoning from its creator - Gary "Vinny" Vinsand, Vinny's BBQ, Dakota City, Iowa.

But creation of a record breaker takes some work, planning and a little ingenuity. In this gallery we had fun watching the process from start to finish and we're sharing it here so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how you create a big burger. We're not recommending you do this at home, but it was an interesting 'culinary' endeavor.

So check out the images and read the captions as we tell the story of the creation of this monster meal. Sponsors of the big burger included Hog Slat, Vinny's BBQ and the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). And a key beneficiary of the finished product included not only the sponsors where the finished product was served up for visitors, but also YESS. We picked up descriptions of the sponsors and YESS from press materials provided by NPPC - check them out:

YESS stands for Youth Emergency Services and Shelter. The group meets critical needs of the community by providing a continuum of quality programs designed to keep children safe and families together. The Des Moines-based organization provides a range of services and is a "home away from home" for nearly 800 children and teens each year.

Hog Slat Inc., is the largest turnkey contractor and manufacturer of swine equipment in the United States. It is a specialist in building facilities and equipment for North America-style production systems. It's home office is Newton Grove, N.C.

Vinny's BBQ is owned by Gary and Tammy Vinsand and it opened its doors in March 2005. The Dakota City, Iowa, business is open six days a week and serves ribs, rib tips, brisket, burnt ends, chicken, turkey and pulled pork for lunch and dinner.

NPPC is the global voice for the U.S. Pork Industry, protecting the liveslihoods of America's 67,000 pork producers, who abide by ethical principles in caring for their animals in protecting the environment and public health. The group is based in Des Moines, learn more at

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