Observation of heater run time, routine maintenance and verifying controlling settings can pay big dividends when trying to reduce fuel consumption in your hog barns.
Nutrient management in soybean stubble
pigs at watering cups
filtration on hog barns can help keep dangerous pathogens away from pigs
In a sweeping ruling, a three-judge panel rebuked the order issued by Judge Earl Britt that prevented Smithfield Foods and others from commenting on the federal lawsuits.
Every hog farmer struggles with handling manure responsibly. Smithfield Foods sees manure management as an opportunity to be the ultimate nutrient recycler.
Ventilation training trailer demonstration
Aherne Prize winners
Impermeable cover on a manure storage that allows collection of biogas, keeps rainwater out of the manure and helps minimize odor and ammonia loss, but is it cost feasible?
flooded farm