Chase Pladsen, a full-time student at Iowa State University, is also getting a good start in the swine industry, adding to his Red Angus cattle herd.
The Reed family uses an onsite covered composter for mortalities It features a concrete floor and three bays to help manage the composting process The composter greatly adds to our biosecurity and also saves money as compared to using a rendering service Ryan says A local sawmill provides the wood chips for the composter
Robert Stwalley, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering at Purdue University, shows a cooling pad designed to keep sows more comfortable during farrowing. The pads, developed by Stwalley and Allan Schinckel, professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, consist of 2-foot-by-4-foot aluminum tread plate on top of copper pipes that circulate water
End of a hog barn with a wall of fans
hog farm surrounded by trees
Scenic view overlooking a couple of hog barns
Piglets nursing, one looking at camera
Ron Prestage speaks with Cheryl Day , National Hog Farmer
large litter
manure agitating