Nursery pigs in a pen in a hog barn
Side-by-side red hog barns
Pipestone has also started an antibiotic resistance research project with the National Pork Board that will track resistance for the lifetime of those pigs in a brand new Biological Safety Level 2 facility.
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Pigs milling around a feeder
Amberlyn Wendling, The Maschhoffs Production Manager
piglets drinking from nipple waterer
Electrostatic fence at an Iowa Select Farm
Through its videos, Cooper Farms hopes to show its intricate process of choosing sites for new barns, and how management seeks quality contract growers to run the sites.
First recognized for their tunnel-ventilated sow barns, solar-panel energy system and shallow-pit manure storage when they received the 2014 award, the Stephenses have remained steadfast in their stewardship practices.