In addition to their 30,000-sow farm, the Herring family — David (left), Billy, Magdalene, Mark and Tommy — oversees hog construction jobs all over the world and employs more than 2,000 people.
From an early age, Scott Dee says he loved science and probably would even have considered being a doctor, having grown up near the Mayo Clinic. But there was one career aspiration he just couldn’t shake off.
Lincoln (left), Mary and Steve Langhorst, the owners of Wakefield Pork Inc., know the strength of the company is in the value of its employees and contract growers.
Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt (left) and Frédéric Colin of Zoetis are at a swine farrow-to-finish farm north of Nantes, France.
filtration on hog barns can help keep dangerous pathogens away from pigs
A rear view of a lineup of white piglets.
Handheld thermal imaging device being used on a pig farm
The fire consumed almost three acres of buildings on Borgic's southwestern Illinois 6,000 breed-to-wean operation.
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