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New App Delivers Blueprint Content

New App Delivers Blueprint Content

Each year, readers of National Hog Farmer receive two special print editions that take a look at key challenges facing pork producers.

These special editions, known as the Blueprint Series for Top Managers, serve as an invaluable reference issue for our readers. Each issue is written by a team of leading experts, from animal scientists and swine veterinarians to swine nutritionists and agricultural engineers, sharing a wealth of knowledge on the hot topic being covered.

The Oct. 15, 2013 Sow Gestation Housing Alternatives issue marks the 57th edition of the Blueprint Series. This issue is the most recent addition to a collection that started with the very first issue, published on Nov. 1, 1985. That first issue was devoted to the topic of Baby Pig Scours. Over the years, we’ve covered the waterfront on many of the major challenges and opportunities the pork industry has faced.

Recent Blueprints have covered everything from nutrient management (April 2013) to biosecurity (Oct. 2009), as well as immunology (April 2011), chasing 30 pigs/sow/year (Oct. 2011), facility design (Oct. 2012) and strategies for chipping away at porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) (April 2012).

Keep the most in-depth pork production information available at your fingertips! Download our Blueprint app today.

The “recipe” for delivering in-depth reports has remained the same since that very first issue in 1985. Each Blueprint publication provides an overview of the topic, followed by a series of articles covering the topic from a variety of angles.

While striving to provide as much information as possible to help our pork producer readers, National Hog Farmer now offers a digital reference library featuring the wealth of information contained in our Blueprint Series.

We invite our readers to download our new free Blueprint app, for Android or Apple smartphones and tablets at the Apple store or on Android Marketplace. 

Read the Oct. 15, 2013 Blueprint digital edition online at 

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