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Does Either Candidate have the Pork Industry’s Back?

Article-Does Either Candidate have the Pork Industry’s Back?

President Obama and former Governor Romney with pork chops
<p> When the two candidates for the presidency wanted to really provide an image of how they could connect to &ldquo;the people,&rdquo; they waded into the crowd at the Iowa State Fair, seized a pork chop and proceeded to sink their teeth in with gusto while the cameras rolled. Photos courtesy of Iowa State Fair and Romney campaign.</p>

For much of this week, I’ve been on a quest to find pictures of President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney eating pork chops. Remember back to state fair season when the two candidates were doing everything they could to portray an image of their “connectedness” to the people? They waded into the crowd at the Iowa State Fair, seized a pork chop and proceeded to sink their teeth in with gusto while the cameras rolled.  

As the election looms large in just 12 days, I find myself hungry for the real “meat” behind what these candidates stand for when it comes to agriculture. Sure, we watched the debates (quite theatrical). There has certainly been some posturing, a catch-phrase or two (references to binders full of women, horses and bayonets, etc.). But what do they really stand for? Several agricultural organizations have submitted questionnaires seeking input from President Obama and Governor Romney about top-of-mind issues facing our country’s farmers.

The American Soybean Association recently shared responses gathered on key issues, such as regulations, the estate tax and biotechnology, among others. The National Corn Growers Association shared the responses they received, too, providing additional food for thought.

Beyond the presidential election, though, there are other key issues that should motivate you to cast your vote at the polls. This week, National Hog Farmer Weekly Preview newsletter columnist Scott Shearer reminded us that there are five members of the Senate Agriculture Committee up for re-election next month. These folks have an impact on your future, your vote gives you a say in their future, too.

Which candidate do you think has the best ideas for the future of the pork industry?  Post your views in the Comments Section here, or email me at [email protected].

Thank you to the Iowa State Fair for providing the perfect picture to illustrate any news event!

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