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USDA makes $6 million available for antimicrobial resistance research

USDA makes $6 million available for antimicrobial resistance research
Researchers have until Aug. 3 to submit proposals for research to address antimicrobial resistance.

USDA is making $6 million available through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to fund research to address antimicrobial resistance. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says, “Through our Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan, USDA is leading the way to better understand how antibiotic resistance develops, find alternatives to antibiotics and educate people on practices that reduce the need for antibiotics. The research projects funded through this announcement will help us succeed in our efforts to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics and protect public health.”

Those applying for the research funding must address one or more of the following.

  • Develop novel systems approaches to investigate the ecology of microbial resistant microbes and gene reservoirs in the environment in animals, in crops, in food products or in farm-raised aquaculture products.
  • Develop, evaluate and implement effective and sustainable resources and strategies, to include alternative practices, techniques, technologies or tools that mitigate emergence, spread or persistence of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens within the agricultural ecosystem, in animals, in crops and in food.
  • Identify critical control points for mitigating antimicrobial resistance in the pre- and post-harvest food production environment.
  • Design innovative training, education and outreach resources (including web-based resources) that can be adapted by users across the food chain, including policy makers, producers, processors, retailers and consumers.
  • Design and conduct studies that evaluate the impact and efficacy of proposed research, education and extension/outreach interventions on antimicrobial resistance across the food chain, from primary producers to primary consumers.

Applications are due Aug. 3.

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