Ontario Pork Group Enters Welfare Agreement


To curb animal welfare abuses, Ontario Pork and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have entered into a collaborative agreement to investigate claims on swine farms.

This arrangement addresses both Ontario Pork’s and Ontario SPCA’s responsibilities regarding animal welfare.

Under the agreement, both organizations will work together to address concerns of animal abuse or neglect. Ontario Pork will provide technical assistance to Ontario SPCA officers in cases where inadequate animal care may be occurring on swine farms.

Further, Ontario Pork and Ontario SPCA have agreed that upon at least 48 hours notice, Ontario Pork will visit a swine farm in conjunction with Ontario SPCA officers for the purpose of investigating any complaints or allegations of inadequate animal care.

Similarly, Ontario SPCA has agreed to contact Ontario Pork with at least 48 hours notice, except in situations where animals are in immediate distress, to arrange a joint inspection of the licensed farm property.

Ontario Pork and Ontario SPCA will host joint education sessions on an annual basis to exchange information and experiences related to on-farm animal care and Code of Practice issues.


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