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Increased funding of research awards announced

Over the course of 12 years and $1 million in research awards, the Respiratory Disease Research Board (formerly the PRRS Research Review Board), with financial support from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., has helped fund research answering some of producers’ most pressing questions about porcine reproductive and respiratory disease.

Beginning with awards granted in 2016, the board and BIVI will build on that success by increasing the amount of funding by $10,000 per award. In 2016, the board will begin awarding three $35,000 awards for research seeking to better understand the control and management of PRRS and other swine respiratory diseases. This 40% increase is intended to strengthen the industry’s response to the constant challenge of managing swine respiratory diseases, according to board members.

“As the swine industry continues to change, it is imperative that resources are available for researchers looking to find answers to production questions,” says Montse Torremorell, University of Minnesota researcher and member of the RDRB. “The decision to increase Research Award funding demonstrates our commitment to meeting the industry’s need for high-quality swine respiratory disease research.”

Practicing veterinarians and researchers seeking an Award for Advancing Research in Respiratory Disease (formerly PRRS Research Award) need to submit a proposal by Jan. 1. Additional instructions and submission forms are available at under “Download Forms.” Also new in 2016, proposals for research in the areas of porcine circovirus Type 2, Mycoplasma 2 hyopneumoniae and influenza A virus in swine — in addition to PRRS — are eligible for funding.

Historically the Research Award program has impacted the industry through research projects that delivered additional diagnostic testing and sampling processes, identified more effective biosecurity practices, sought to understand virus transmission and developed risk assessment tools, therapeutic intervention programs and vaccination strategies. The program is supported through funding from BIVI.

“PRRS and other swine respiratory diseases are high-risk, potentially very costly, challenges that swine producers must be able to manage,” says Reid Philips, BIVI technical manager. “It is only appropriate that the Research Review Board, supported by BIVI, boosts the level of support provided to researchers developing stronger responses to these diseases. More than 12 years of successful Research Review Board programs give BIVI confidence that supporting increased Research Awards is a good investment.”

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