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Partnership offers private DNA storage, reporting for livestock

PhonlamaiPhoto/iStock/Getty Images gene editing strand of DNA
Resero Genomics, Agric-Bioformatics believe herd data and genetic material should belong to producer.

Data generated by DNA material and phenotypic evaluation has historically been controlled, evaluated and housed by third parties – not the producer who actually collected and owns this material. Additionally, information generated by investment in genomics has typically not been user friendly for cattle producers. All that’s about to change.

Resero Genomics and Agric-Bioformatics, industry leaders in genomics and technology, have formed a unique alliance that will allow customers to easily access and deploy the technologies and services of both companies.

Through links on both companies’ websites, customers who store DNA material with Resero will be able to access and deploy Agric-Bioformatics’ patent-pending platform, AgBoost. AgBoost is a cloud-based beef cattle management software that enables producers to evaluate both phenotypic and genotypic data in a unique and visual way, and to make improved decisions about the future of their herds.

Conversely, customers of Agric-Bioformatics will have a secure and innovative way to store DNA material with Resero Genomics. Resero Genomics recently launched Resero DNA Reserve, a DNA banking service that enables livestock producers, pet owners and others to maintain control of all genetic material in their own, proprietary DNA bank.

“The alliance makes a lot of sense, and it represents an efficient and easy way for cattle producers to manage their cow herd data and store DNA material used to generate that data,” said Jared Larsen, general manager of Resero Genomics.

Sean Akadiri, president and chief executive officer of Agric-Bioformatics, commented, “We believe in the principle that herd data and genetic material should belong to the producer who actually owns the livestock, not a third party. We also believe that data has a story to tell – and that the industry historically has not done a good job of helping producers 'see' the story of the data they’re collecting on their cow herd. With this alliance, our customers can visualize their data in a revolutionary way and utilize the services of both companies to improve their herds.”

Larsen explained that the business is built on the principle that livestock owners should own and control their data and genetic material. “For too long, livestock producers have made the investment in both DNA and data collection, only to assign control of these very valuable assets to a third party. That’s not the case with us – and it’s not the case with Agric-Bioformatics.”

Customers of both companies can access the services of the other through a link on either website, giving producers ability to store their DNA material, have it analyzed and then accessed through AgBoost.

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