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Biosecurity stressed as PED impact adds up quickly

National Pork Board Overhead shot of pigs in a pen with a blue floor
Biosecurity breaches on hog operations can be financially devastating.

In June, Manitoba Pork held a workshop for Hutterite colonies to illustrate the financial impact of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus breaking out in a colony, and it didn’t take long to show the impact that the disease can have in a system.

Using a mock farm with certain assumptions, MNP has determined that there would be a 13% decrease in production, meaning a financial loss of $187,401 or $468 per sow on a 400-sow farrow-to-finish operation. Click here for a detailed look at MNP’s calculations.

These calculations would show an even greater loss, as they did not account for the extra feed, lower farrowing rates and smaller litters that result from a presence of PEDV in the herd.

Manitoba PED 2019 update

  • 75 cases of PED (33 finisher, 13 nursery, 28 sow, one quarantine)
  • Of these, one is Presumptive Negative, eight are Transitional and 66 are Positive
  • 62 farms in southeast Manitoba, 10 west of the Red River, two in Whitemouth, one in Notre Dame de Lourdes

Simply put, biosecurity breaches on hog operations can be financially devastating. Producers are encouraged to consult their herd veterinarian and visit Manitoba Pork’s biosecurity webpage for ideas on where critically important improvements can be made in biosecurity protocols.

As well, all Manitoba producers are urged to sign up for the password-protected Manitoba Coordinated Disease Response. Registered producers can log-in to the MCDR to access more detailed information on PED-affected premises, including status, location, and manure application dates and mapped locations.

To register for the MCDR, or for any other swine health concerns, contact Jenelle Hamblin, Manitoba Pork’s Manager of Swine Health Programs, at 204-235-4442. 

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