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Tyson plants receive environmental recognition awards

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Award recognizes a company’s dedication to continuous environmental improvement.

Tyson Foods is proud to announce that 35 plant locations have been recognized by The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) for their dedication to making a positive environmental impact. The Environmental Recognition awards recognize a company’s dedication to continuous environmental improvement, as witnessed by the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS). 

“We are proud to see these individual plants being honored for their commitment to environmental improvement” said Kevin Igli, chief environmental officer and senior vice president of sustainability at Tyson. “It’s a testament to our commitment at Tyson to implement solutions that help to enhance our environmental stewardship while working to put food on America’s tables.”

Meat Institute President and CEO Julie Anna Potts commented, "NAMI’s Environmental Recognition Program Awards are earned by companies with programs demonstrating continuous environmental improvement. NAMI members voted to designate environmental sustainability a non-competitive issue within the organization enabling and encouraging members to share their best practices with each other to improve the industry as a whole. Tyson Foods’ many Environmental Recognition Awards demonstrates a commitment to the environment, but also recognizes them as a leader within the industry.”

The recognition awards are categorized by four tiers, to encourage EMS development through a step by step approach. Tier I recognizes compliance policies and Tier 4 represents the highest level of environmental management.

Pork plants receiving Tier 3 awards are located in Columbus Junction, Iowa; Logansport, Ind.; Madison, Neb.; Perry, Iowa; Storm Lake, Iowa and Waterloo, Iowa.


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